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"Archival Travelogue: Of People, For Place "

To view previous works of Aeons By Design utilizing this as a 'design book' click here.​


A visual and written map, documenting people and place. 

Transcripts of sound, conversations, poetry compilations as time-keepers to honor people and place. 


The mark of place...

Is it a branding of environment

on flesh?

An infusion into the psyche?

With all of the scalds and wounds, 

and bits of glaze from full moons,

bright suns, city smogs and all...

I walk

I wake

I remain honest to the mirror of place.

Mountains as sleeping bodies.

Cedar trees as geography. 


The doing and un-doing of a braid.

Untangle and reassemble.

This is simply the introduction.

To the Collection of Moments that Move. 

Suspended in the air

my souls sight lifts upward.

Tendrils untangled rise up from northern gales

swept up and circled outward

as do crisp autumn leaves

ahead of a speeding car

or the first bat sighted at dusk

chasing thermal soundwaves for a meal


So let us begin. 

Compilation One. 

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