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Margarete: I have my Aeons By Design custom necklace in front of me, and it is truly a work of art.  I sent Merrilee a turtle bone that I found, asking simply for a necklace.  She knew how much it meant to me, and that I wanted a statement piece for art openings.  Merrilee assembled the necklace with such care and artistry!  I appreciate the simplicity, textures and colors that were chosen, they harmonize with the bone and elevate it to a most treasured necklace.  Thank you!


Chef Chris: A visit to the Gem and Mineral Show in Quartzsite, AZ brought Merrilee and Chef Chris together. Chef Chris spotted this piece on the workbench next to the vending booth and within a day had her own customized necklace.


Patrick: 25 plus years ago my parents gave me a wonderful metal bracelet. I wore it for many years until eventually it snapped in the middle. I always wanted to do something with it and then I was happy to meet Merrilee Schoen. A Gifted artist and a kindred spirit she made me a custom cuff incorporating the bracelet, pieces of leather from my father's leatherworking days, and my own personal aesthetic. I couldn't be happier with the results. The symbol in the middle means serenity. Thanks so much Merrilee!


Lisbeth: Thank you, I love them. I sent my mother one. She wants something made by you... Love!


Molly: Just wanted to give a shout out to my girl Merrilee for making the most badass pair of earrings I ever owned. You are PERFECT.


Ethan: Your necklaces look so great on Jordan, and she loves them. She even had occasion to wear the mighty one to a party tonight. Pix coming presently. Happy New Year and thank you again!"


Trevor: Love it! Very raw and bitchin'. I do love the cuff and I wear it everyday. Please use my testimonial! I'll want a belt eventually!

If you are seeking a custom design, adornment or home decor, please contact me directly so we can discuss your one-of-a-kind creation. Commission prices are based on a three phase design process.


Phase 1// Design Sketch Based on Your Specific Needs

Often, personal items are incorporated as well as color palette preference, and/or images that resonate with your sense of self and style. I will create a sketch out of raw materials based on your input/any special momento items and what I glean from our conversation. After materials are agreed upon, I will send along an image of the refined design before assembling. An initial deposit for design is required at this stage.


Phase 2// Mid-point Design Check-In

Mid-creation I will send progress images to keep you informed. This is when any extra materials or adjustments can be incorporated before the piece is finalized. A mid-point payment is required at this stage if adjustments are needed.


Phase 3//Final Piece, Finishing Touches and Shipping

Perhaps the most exciting part- when you know your personal creation is headed your way! I will send you an image of the final piece, another image of the package and will notify you of the estimated delivery time. A final payment is required at this stage.

I look forward to co-creating with you! 



201110_Merrilee_Swallowtail_with_orchestM. Schoen & J. Curran
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