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The Joy Truck Project
Traveling Creative Expression and Education Center

The Joy Truck is a mobile community resource center bringing free resources and the arts alongside opportunities for leadership and co-creation within rural and low-income neighborhoods of Piscataquis County- original and unceeded territory of the Penobscot, N'dakina (Abenaki, Abénaquis), Wabanaki (Dawnland Confederacy).


1. Clothes and Books for Children and Adults

2. Art Supplies and Making Tools

3. Naloxone and Information on How to Administer 

4. A Participatory, Flexible Creative Work and Play-Space

5. Information on local social services

6. Community Stipends; modest compensation for folks teaching or facilitating a workshop 

7. Kids Only Art Exhibits celebrating the creativity of our youth

Regional Partners/Supporters/Comrades: 

Needlepoint Sanctuary, Maine Access PointsDyer's Hope HousePiscataquis Regional Food Center, Center TheatreCentral Hall CommonsThompson Free LibraryTown of Brownville & Summer Rec, Town of Milo & Summer RecElaine's Basket Cafe, Seeds, Cooperative Extension of Piscataquis County, RSU68MSAD41 & Regional Free Summer Meals.  

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The work of The Joy Truck Project is a communal process. Your feedback, ideas and asks are the fuel that moves the wheels. The door is always open.

Donations are greatly appreciated.

Please also consider donating time or dollars to the regional partners listed above,

or our neighbors outside of our immediate radius. 

US: Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women:

US: National Union of the Homeless


The Congo:

"Where Life is Precious, Life is Precious"

Ruth Wilson Gilmore

The Joy Truck Project is made possible by astounding support both financial and in-kind from community members. Additionally, generous funding from the following foundations have helped make this project a reality; Ella Lyman Cabot Trust, Maine Arts & Humanities, the Onion Foundation. New England Grassroots Environment Fund and Awesome Without Borders/Harnisch Foundation. Local partners and friends of the Joy Truck include Central Hall Commons, Center Theatre, Needlepoint Sanctuary, Maine Access Points, Thompson Free Library, Dyers Hope House, Elaine's Basket Cafe, Piscataquis Regional Food Center, Brownville Town Office, Milo Rec Department, National Arts Strategies Creative Community Fellowship, Brownville Rec Department and Free Summer Meals, Seeds, RSU68 SeDoMoCha and extraordinary folks yet-to-meet.

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