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SOUND CARRIES offers listeners a unique collection of life's valuable moments.


sounds of daily living

stories, interviews and conversation

sounds of a culture

a point on the map

poetry, song and chapter books

open spaces and congested zones

crowds of people

someone standing alone

Utilizing ambient landscape sounds, conversation, interviews and poetry to entice the auditory senses.

Broadcasting soundstories collected in varied places. 

Exploring the meaning of community by engaging in dialogue and narrative sound. 


What melodies can be heard from 

A late night Brooklyn pub?

A farmers market?

A hungry belly?

Spring peepers at night?

Your mechanic hard at work?

A family member sleeping?

A wood stove in winter?

A little big town parade?

Rustling of wheat on a summer days walk?

An abandoned mill?

An empty cupboard?

Sound Carries: 


Introduction and Philosophy

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