Merrilee Emmanuella Schoen

Merrilee Schoen is a multimedia artist living in Piscataquis County, Maine. Merrilee brings to her practice a decade of experience working in social services, advocacy and reflective listening. Her work as an artist centers around the observation that repair is possible, despite cycles of entropy, displacement and discord. The holistic frame is that entropy leads to repair which leads to entropy once more. The objective is acknowledgement of beauty within the discarded or unnoticed, stimulation of curiosity, and development of respect/responsibility to the external world shared with internal dialogue. She explores subtle history and archival narrative through sound recordings, poetry, and sculptural installations. Merrilee has taught workshops on creative repair, and story-telling in three-dimensions. Merrilee works on a MOFGA certified farm, manages programming for a food access non-profit and is focusing on developing “The Joyous Exploratorium”, a traveling community-based, creative expression and education center in a 23ft long delivery truck.